You are with a friend in Las Vegas. You are in a $2,500 a night, 1,600 sq ft. penthouse suite at the Bellagio, and you have 2 hot, playful, and smart models lying next to each other in bed.

What would YOU do? Well, OK. Yes, I would do that too :-)

But what ELSE might you do?

Here is what i did. I asked myself how could i get my listeners -- YOU -- to experience and be a part of what was going on. These girls were feeling safe and secure and they were opening up and saying things they might not ever admit in another situation... big wealth will do that to a girl.

I convinced them to let me ask them some questions on video.

Well as you know from my interviews, I can get deep and do it fast.

And that is exactly what I did. I progressively asked more and more personal questions, and before you know it, they were telling important secrets... secrets that I have been telling you about in my products for the last few years... secrets I have been telling you about on my podcast since 2004.

Not only will you be able to hear them saying it, you will SEE their non-verbal reactions to my questions and see them reveal secrets right before your eyes.

They also volunteer fantastic information... all while dressed in provocative, sexy clothes on the bed.

Then I asked them if they would get undressed and put some sexy lingerie on and let me ask some other questions. At first, they hesitated, but I convinced them to do it. You'll see how... I was still creating an environment of fun and comfort for them.

Once the lingerie was on and they got comfortable and forgot about the camera... the real fun began... they opened up more and had even more fun with their clothes off. (Something i have known for years :-) )

Now here are a few of the questions that I asked them. Their explicit answers might surprise you, and the answers will definitely help you understand and connect with women at a deeper level.

Remember when reading them that I knew what i was doing and what questions I to ask in order to create certain states for them. Watch their body language and how they trance out at certain points. I only had a limited amount of time for this window before they got out of state, so I asked them deep questions at a pretty good rate.

Here is what was asked and revealed that you can see!

* You get to watch the body language and non verbals in both girls

* They talk about the many guys who have approached them since they got to Las Vegas

* How most guys say the wrong thing to them right off the bat!

* That they know most guys are looking for approval...and how not to look or act that way

* One guy offered another guy $200 to sit next to her on airplane. What happened? Did he succeed? What did she think?

* What is an immediate turn off to them and women in general?

* What is being too pushy from the beginning?

* Should you touch or not?

* If touched, what is acceptable?

* What should I say while touching?

* Eye contact - how long is too long?

* How too look a woman in the eyes?

* What look she will give you that lets you know it's okay to come up and talk to her?

* What one word can you say to her to make her day and remember you? (They both said it was perfect - top of the line.)

* How to scan her body with your eyes?

* How to make her remember you

* How to create safety and security with her...(This one is big guys)

* Two feeling states in her that opens the door to more...for you!

* How to get her to touch you

* If she isn't attracted to the way you look initially , How you can slip get past that in her mind ?

* She spends a lot of time on her looks; what does she expect from you?

* What qualities do you need to get past her defenses?

* Do you have to be a player to win her over?

* Is romance still alive?

* How much Romance is too much...and where to do it and not do it?

* Should I do this in a bar or lounge?

* What should I do?

* How do you challenge a woman? ( This means a lot to them...and they give you much here! )

* What one question can you ask her while in a relationship that keeps her in love with you?

* HOW should you listen to her?

* The girls talk about their friends' Love language and their own love languages

* How to create mystery and intrigue for her!

* What can you do to use your shyness for your benifit?

* How many questions are too many? ( This is why i only had a short window of asking question for this product )

* How to use your nervousness for your benefit

* What line NOT to use that guys use way too much and women hate.

* How to gracefully exit from a conversation with her

* What to do to make her want to spend more time with you?

* How to get her to open up her real self?

* How to set the context for her to open up all the way to you

* What you can do to let her be herself.

* And many more questions.

I interviewed them for around 3 hours with 2 professional video cameras (so you get 2 angles). I edited all the fluff out of them to get you one hour and twenty minutes of a fast-paced, information-packed interview with lots of fun. I seperated it into 2 sections: sexy dress & lingerie.

I also added twenty minutes of behind the scenes & BONUS footage.

There are some Kick Ass Shots here guys!!!!!!!!!!

My friend who was with me insisted on charging $97 and I agreed, but the economy hit the tank and I know people are afraid of spending money. You guys have also supported me since 2004 on my podcast and with my products, so I changed my mind on the price.

I decided to not put it in all the fancy packaging and sell it as a high quality DVD without all the marketing flash... just the information you need to get deeper with women.

So you get a very high quality DVD in a white mailer to keep shipping and handling costs low as well and no give away markings on the outside of what is inside. Your mailman, neighbor, wife or girlfriend won't know what is in it...unless they break Federal Law by opening it. :)

Here is my new deal for you now... Was $47 as of December 1st. 2008 NOW ONLY $19.95 and low-cost Shipping and Packaging in the US!

International shipping will be as low as we can as well. And customs forms will have "Educational Product" on it.

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